Roadiz is a polymorphic CMS based on a node system which can handle many type of services. It’s based on Symfony component and Doctrine ORM for maximum performances and security.

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Roadiz CMS

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Roadiz is a modern CMS based on a polymorphic content-schema system which can handle many types of services. Its back-office has been developed with a high sense of design and user experience. Its theming system is built to live independently from back-office allowing easy switching and multiple themes for one content repository. Roadiz is released under MIT license, so you can reuse and distribute its code for personal and commercial projects.

This is Roadiz sources and development repository.
To create a new project, use our Roadiz Standard Edition.




  • Roadiz is released under MIT licence
  • RZ Icons font-icon is released under MIT licence too
  • Roadiz Sans font family is released under GPL+FE licence and is edited by Nonpareille type foundry