Simple autoloader to integrate the Symfony Dotenv component into Magento2

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Magento Dotenv

Simple autoloader to integrate Symfony Dotenv component to Magento2. The implementation can be found under path app/dotenv.php and can be configured safely for your needs.


composer require sgorodskoy/magento-dotenv

How to

You can use it similar way as a Symfony project:

  1. If .env exists, it is loaded first. In case there's no .env file but a .env.dist, this one will be loaded instead.
  2. If one of the previously mentioned files contains the APP_ENV variable, the variable is populated and used to load environment-specific files hereafter. If APP_ENV is not defined in either of the previously mentioned files, dev is assumed for APP_ENV and populated by default.
  3. If there's a .env.local representing general local environment variables it's loaded now.
  4. If there's a .env.$env.local file, this one is loaded. Otherwise, it falls back to .env.$env.

You can freely edit app/dotenv.php: this file will be not updated.

For more information you can follow the documentation: