Magento 2 ngrok

Magento 2 module for ngrok service support. Automatically updates Magento base url based on domain used in the request. Modifies full-page and block-html caching to separate Magento caches for local and ngrok domains. No broken links or non loaded scripts and styles while browsing Magento web instance.


To install the module to your local Magento 2 dev environment, simply run the command below.

composer require --dev shkoliar/magento-ngrok

The next step is to check if module is installed and exists in the modules list.

bin/magento module:status

And the last part is enabling the module.

bin/magento module:enable Shkoliar_Ngrok

Optionally you may want to run also bin/magento setup:upgrade and bin/magento setup:di:compile commands to ensure that the enabled modules are properly registered and classes are generated.


Module itself does not require any configuration, it checks for request domain and activated only if it's So it works only when it needed for ngrok secure tunnels.