This bundle aim to provide classes to build some form filters and then build a doctrine query from this form filter.

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This Symfony2 bundle aims to provide classes to build some form types dedicated to filter an entity. Once you created your form type you will be able to update a doctrine query builder conditions from a form type.

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The idea is:

  1. Create a form type extending from Symfony\Component\Form\AbstractType as usual.
  2. Add form fields by using provided filter types (e.g. use TextFilterType::class instead of a TextType::class type) (*).
  3. Then call a service to build the query from the form instance and execute your query to get your result :).

(*): In fact you can use any type, but if you want to apply a filter by not using a XxxFilterType::class type you will have to create a custom listener class to apply the filter for this type.


This Symfony3.0 branch is compatible with Symfony 2.8/3.0 or higher.

For installation and how to use the bundle refer to Resources/doc/

Running the test suite

composer install