FreeBSD Jails with Puppet

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puppet module install puppet-jail --version 5.0.0


FreeBSD Jail management with Puppet

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Manage FreeBSD jails with Puppet, leveraging iocage for jail management.


This module expects to be the only jail manager on a given system. Each system where jails will be managed needs to include the jail::setup class as well.

include jail::setup

This simply installs 'iocage' and removes '/etc/jail.conf'.

This allows the type to use the correct jail without having to specify the pool on each jail.

A simple jail

jail { 'myjail1':
  ensure    => present,
  state     => 'up',
  ip4_addr  => 'em0|',
  ip6_addr  => 'em0|fc00::10/64',
  hostname  => 'myjail1.example.com',
  boot      => 'on',
  user_data => template('mysite/user_data.sh.erb'),

Note the ip4_addr and the ip6_addr properties take an interface name and an IP address separated by a pipe character. This value is passed directly to iocage(7). You may wish to read the man page.