Executable papers containing Python code

pip install ActivePapers.Py==0.2.2


ActivePapers is a tool for working with executable papers, which combine data, code, and documentation in single-file packages, suitable for publication as supplementary material or on sites such as figshare.

The ActivePapers Python edition requires Python 2.7 or Python 3.3 to 3.5. It also relies on the following libraries:

Installation of ActivePapers.Py:

python install

This installs the ActivePapers Python library and the command-line tool "aptool" for managing ActivePapers.

For documentation, see the ActivePapers Web site.

ActivePapers development takes place on Github.

Runnning the tests also requires the tempdir library and either the nose or the pytest testing framework. The recommended way to run the tests is

cd tests
./ nosetests


cd tests
./ py.test

This launches the test runner on each test script individually. The simpler approach of simply running nosetests or py.test in directory tests leads to a few test failures because the testing framework's import handling conflicts with the implementation of internal modules in ActivePapers.