Bayesian Inference Tools for Python

pip install BIP==0.5.17


Bayesian Inference for Dynamic Models

BIP is a Python 3.x library for parameter estimation in dynamic models such as those defined as systems of Ordinary differential Equations. For examples of application check the papers below:

  1. Coelho FC, Code├žo CT, Gomes MGM (2011) A Bayesian Framework for Parameter Estimation in Dynamical Models. PLoS ONE 6(5): e19616.

  2. Estimating the attack ratio of dengue epidemics under time-varying force of infection using aggregated notification data FC Coelho, LM De Carvalho - Scientific reports, 2015

To install, download the latest version from PYPI, unpack and follow instructions on README file.


BIP is developed in Linux and has only been shown to work on Linux. The instructions to for its instalation on Ubuntu Linux are roughly:

$ sudo apt install gnuplot-x11 libgsl-dev python3-pip
$ sudo pip3 install -U BIP

Once installed follow the documentation on how to use BIP.