A Biologically Accurate Simulator of Human Neurons.

pip install BrainGenix==0.0.2



This is a framework that simulates real neurons as closely as possible, so that it is possible to make your own Neural Nets that somewhat match real brains. It is multiprocessed, so that it will use as many cpus as you want, and multi machine support is coming soon.


This is a simulation graph of 27 neurons in a 3x3x3 cube. The graph is the neuron voltages summed up, so that you can visulize the Neural Oscillations. 27 Neuron Simulation

Here is a simulation of around 12K neurons, which shows a smaller time scale. 27 Neuron Simulation

This is a simulation of 12K neurons, but over a much longer time. Please excuse the other colour lines, they were for averages, max, min, etc. 27 Neuron Simulation

Here's the simulation with around 12M neurons, over about 2 seconds. Sadly, i could not run it for longer, due to it just taking too long on my machine. My setup is (2x Xeon E5-2680V2), so it has 20C/40T. 12M neurons is around the limit for 40 Threads. However, it is possible to make this work better with more cpu cores, so that it can be more distributed. 27 Neuron Simulation

Lastly, here's the simulation with 27 Neurons over about 100 seconds. 27 Neuron Simulation


Feel free to email me at I would love to hear about any ideas anyone has to make this work better. More specifically, i would love to know how many other types of neurons are in the brain, and how they behave, so that i can implement them in the simulator. Eventually, i need to know how a baby learns so that i can emulate it with the ai, however that might be a long way off.

Where is the documentation? How do i use this?!??!?!?!

Please be patient, as the package is being converted from a standalone bit of code to a package with many more versatile functions. Give me a couple more days to work out the kinks and write up the documentation.