The COMPAS framework

architecture, engineering, fabrication, construction, aec, blender3d, data, datastructures, geometry, grasshopper3d, rhino3d, rpc
pip install COMPAS==2.1.0


The COMPAS framework

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The COMPAS framework is an open-source, Python-based framework for computational research and collaboration in architecture, engineering, digital fabrication and construction.

The framework consists of a general-purpose core library, written in pure Python, and a growing collection of extensions that provide easy access to peer-reviewed research, state-of-the-art external libraries such as CGAL, libigl and Triangle, and tools with specialized functionality for AEFC applications such as Abaqus, ANSYS, SOFISTIK, ROS, etc.

COMPAS has dedicated packages for working with Rhino, Grasshopper, and Blender, but it can be used in any environment that supports Python scripting. It is available on PyPI and conda-forge and can be easily installed using popular package managers on multiple platforms.


We are working on a new major release of the framework, COMPAS 2.0! Therefore, be aware that the current version of the repository already contains some changes that are incompatible with the version 1 releases. The documentation of the latest stable version (COMPAS 1.17.9) is available here.


The recommended way to install COMPAS is to use Anaconda/conda:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install compas

For other installation options, see the user guide

First Steps

Questions and feedback

The COMPAS framework has a forum for questions and discussions.

Issue tracker

If you find a bug, please help us solve it by filing a report.


If you want to contribute, check out the contribution guidelines.


See changes between releases on the changelog.


The main library of COMPAS is released under the MIT license.


COMPAS is developed by a small team of core developers (compas-dev) and with the support of contributers from the open source community. See the list of authors for a complete overview...