Slack chat bot

pip install Flameboi==0.0.2.dev0


Flamboi Slack API

Flameboi is CodeDevils's Slack API bot that posts interactive messages and offers commands to users on CodeDevils' Slack.

How to Install

1) (Optional) Install Virtualenv

This is an optional step, but is reccomended to keep your local Python dependency versions separate from Flamboi's. With many Python projects, bugs can exist in apps when versions of the same dependencies are shared globally across your code repos.


Install package

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

Activate easy installation scirpt

sudo easy_install virtualenv

Install pip Virtualenv

sudo pip install virtualenv

Ensure Virtualenv is Installed

Ensure Virtualenv is installed by calling virtualenv

If virtualenv appears to not be installed, ensure that it is on your path. You can do this by adding the installation foler to the PATH variable within your profile. An example would be within ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc, adding PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin.

Start an issue or post a question in CodeDevils Slack for further help in adding virtualenv to your path variable.

Create a directory

This directory will be used to house the enviroments on your machine. You can name this anything, and place it anywhere, for the purposes of this README it will be ~/virtualenvs/.

  1. mkdir ~/virtualenvs
Create Your Enviroment

You can name this anything and place it anywhere, but for this README it will be flameboi-slack-api.

  1. virtualenv ~/virtualenvs/flameboi-slack-api
Activate Your Enviroment

Do this by calling the activate file/script within your newly created vitualenv directory's bin/ directory.

  1. source ~/virtualenvs/flameboi-slack-api/bin/activate



2) Install Dependencies

If you are using a virtual enviroment, ensure that you have activated your enviroment. You will know if the name of the virtualenv directory is written prior to other text within your shell.

  1. cd /path/to/flameboi
  2. pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Further Reading and Documentation

Slack Documentation

Documentation for Primary Tools

Documentation for Other Helpful Tools


Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for information.

Quality of Code

Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for information.