Extract the Bibtex key using GUI

pip install GUI-BibText==2.0



Extract the Bibtex key using GUI. This package is programmed to fetch the bibtex key of research papers.

Install this package by command: pip install GUI-BibText

Steps to Run:

  1. $ gBibText
  2. In the GUI, enter the complete path of Excel file containing names of the paper(row-wise) [PaperList is a Template].
  3. The output file will store in the current working directory and will be named as bibtexFile.xlsx; containing the bibtex keys.

Key extracting module is referred from:

  • Freely usable for non-commercial purposes.
  • This is in raw form. Progress is going on.(Limitation: Only few Bibtex key can be fetched after Google Scholar prompts 'HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable'.)