Small wrapper for marrow.mailer to use Jinja2 templates and automatically send html and plain text emails.

pip install Marrja_Mail==0.2.2


Marrja Mail

Marrja mail is a small module that brings together Jinja2 and marrow.mailer to easily send emails rendered from templates. You supply a template name with no extension and it will try it with .txt and .htm from the 'email_templates' directory inside your package (this is customisable) and attach the ones that are found.

Basic usage:

#Once per applicaton
from marrja_mail import MarrjaMailer

email_sender = MarrjaMailer(__name__, server='', username='',
                            password='mypass', default_sender='')

#Then to send email
email_sender.send('', 'template_file', 'subject line' , var_for=jinja_template)


  • Add support for testing that dumps out the rendered template to a dir
  • Expose more configuration options for marrow.mailer
  • Write better docs

More info @