A Collection Mathics components to provide the full Mathics experience

pip install Mathics-omnibus==4.0.1


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Mathics is a general-purpose computer algebra system (CAS). It is an open-source alternative to Mathematica. It is free both as in "freedom" and as in "free beer".

Mathics consists of a number of separable components so that those pieces that are desired can be used without the burden of dependencies of the other parts.

For example if you are interested in just running a command-line interface, you might not be interested in having Django and what that entails and vice versa. If you are just interested in the computational library, there is no need for either the Web parts or the command-line library parts.

But what if you want both command-line interface, Web interface, all of the Pymathics libraries and whatever else there is to offer?

That's what this repository is about. Here we have a PyPI installable package that pull in the various components and offer commands:

  • mathicsscript to run the command-line interface,
  • mathicsserver to run the Django-Web server,
  • dmathicsscript and dmathicsserver which runs the docker version of these,
  • dmathicssdoc which runs a PDF viewer, evince, which can view the generated reference manual in PDF.
  • dmathicssdoccopy which copies the the generated reference PDF manual out of the container and into the host filesystem.

This repository also contains the Dockerfiles used to create the mathicsorg/mathics docker images.

That image is a combination of:

It is likely that in the future more components will be added, so stay tuned...

Docker-specific items

By default, we use a SQLite database that has examples that you can load and use. This data comes from mathics-omnibus/django-db/mathics.sqlite.

Since this is tied to the docker image, any changes made won't survice across restarting the docker image.

If you would like to save your own you can set the environment variable MATHICS_DJANGO_DB_PATH. Here is an example:

$ MATHICS_DJANGO_DB_PATH=/usr/src/app/data/mathics-django/mathics.sqlite ../mathics-omnibus/script/dmathicsserver
MATHICS_DJANGO_DB_PATH=/usr/src/app/data/mathics-django/mathics.sqlite ../mathics-omnibus/script/dmathicsserver^J-(../mathics-omnibus/script/dmathicsserver:5):  -[2,0, 0]
-(../mathics-omnibus/script/dmathicsserver:6):  -[2,0, 0]
-(../mathics-omnibus/script/dmathicsserver:7):  -[2,0, 0]
-(../mathics-omnibus/script/dmathicsserver:9):  -[2,0, 0]
docker run -it --name mathics-web --rm --env=DISPLAY --env MATHICS_DJANGO_DB_PATH=/usr/src/app/data/mathics-django/mathics.sqlite --workdir=/app --volume=/src/external-vcs/github/Mathics3/mathics-django:/app --volume=/tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:rw -p 8000:8000 -v /tmp:/usr/src/app/data mathicsorg/mathics --mode ui

~~~~ app/data has been mounted to /usr/src/app/data ~~~~
~~~~ SQLite data (worksheets, user info) will be stored in /usr/src/app/data/mathics django/mathics.sqlite ~~~~

 warning: database file /usr/src/app/data/mathics-django/mathics.sqlite not found

 Migrating database /usr/src/app/data/mathics-django/mathics.sqlite
 Operations to perform:
   Apply all migrations: auth, contenttypes, sessions, sites, web
 Running migrations:

In the above when it says mathics.sqlite not found an empty one is created. The real location of it outside of the container is in /tmp/mathics-django/mathics.sqlite.