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blog-engine, python, static-site-generator
pip install Nib==0.5.7



Nib is a static site generator, written in Python, geared toward creating a simple site or blog. Nib uses a pluggable content pipeline that differentiates between "resources" like CSS or Javascript, and "documents" such as static pages or blog posts. The two pipelines are similar, are executed in parallel, and define multiple hooks where plugins can process a subset of entities, and even remove entities or generate new ones at runtime.

An example site generated from the default wizard and templates is available at

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  • Python 2.7 or 3.2+
  • Less compilation requires the less package to be installed globally
  • SASS compilation requires sass


To install the latest official release:

$ pip3 install nib

or to install the version currently checked out from source:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python3 install

Getting Started

Once Nib is installed, you can generate basic configuration and site using the built-in wizard:

$ mkdir somesite && cd somesite
$ nib wizard

Once the wizard is complete, you should have a site configuration file, some example documents (a page and two blog posts), and a minimal site theme consisting of resources (favicon, CSS, and robots.txt), and templates:

$ ls
config.nib  documents/  resources/  templates/

$ ls documents  links/  posts/

$ ls resources
favicon.ico  main.less  robots.txt

$ ls templates
feed.xml  list.html  macros.html  page.html  post.html  posts.html

To build the site:

$ nib

The resulting HTML and resources will be in the site/ directory:

$ ls
config.nib  documents/  resources/  site/  templates/

$ ls site
2012/  about.html  archive.html  favicon.ico  feed.xml  index.html  links/  main.css  posts/  robots.txt  tags/

To test the resulting site, Nib can run a simple HTTP server, as well as open the local server in your preferred web browser:

$ nib serve
Serving site on port 8000... press Ctrl-C to terminate.


$ nib serve --port 9000 --browse
Serving site on port 9000... press Ctrl-C to terminate.
Opening http://localhost:9000 in web browser...


Nib is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.


Nib is developed by John Reese as a labor of love. It builds on top of many fine projects from the open source community, such as:

Inspiration for Nib its design is thanks to Oben Sonne and his project Poole.