Node graph framework for PySide6/PyQt6 that can be implemented and re-purposed into applications.

python, library, qt, widgets, development
pip install OdenGraphQt==0.7.4



OdenGraphQt is a fork of jchanvfx NodeGraphQt, a node graph UI framework for PySide6 that can be implemented and re-purposed into applications.

Changes from NodeGraphQt

  • PySide6 compatibility (I have not tested PyQt6) courtesy of jowr and rajkundu
  • Alternative port accept/reject connection
  • Partial type hints for IDE type checker (e.g. PyCharm)
  • Minor code reformat, tweaks and comments for code readability


For now, please install as editable package. I'll be publishing to PyPI after I'm done with a few rounds of sanity testing.

I highly advise using virtual environment when developing any tools/applications.

Assuming you're on Windows and using command prompt. Git Bash user please change the path to Unix style.

  1. Clone this repository (e.g. D:\Repo\OdenGraphQt)
  2. Navigate to the Python app code you wish to integrate OdenGraphQt (e.g. D:\Tools\MyAwesomePipelineTool)
  3. Run pip install -e D:\Repo\OdenGraphQt
  4. ???
  5. Profit You can start importing OdenGraphQt module in your Python app code.


Please refer to jchanvfx excellent documentation at https://chantonic.com/NodeGraphQt/api/index.html

I'll update this section in the near future after re-configuring the sphinx_doc_build.yml.

See the basic_example.py script to get started or accept_reject_example.py for the alternative port accept/reject connection logic.

Why Oden? なぜおでんなのか?

Oden is delicious. おでんはおいしいです。

Real answer: I need to have a different namespace and Node can be rearranged as Oden by shifting N to the back.