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pip install Products.EasyNewsletter==3.0.7



EasyNewsletter is a simple but powerful newsletter/mailing product for Plone.


  • Plain text and HTML newsletters (including images),
  • manual written newsletters/mailings,
  • automatic Plonish newsletters/mailings: Utilize Plone's Collections to collect content)
  • send out daily/weekly/monthly issues automatically, based on collections (by cron or clock-server)
  • flexible templates to generate newsletter content
  • TTW customizable output template to generate HTML newsletters
  • personalized emails
  • synchronous/ asynchronous sendout (also test emails),
  • subscribing/ unsubscribing,
  • import/export subscribers via csv
  • use Plone Members/Groups as receivers (works also with Membrane),
  • external
    • subscriber sources (configured through a Zope utility),
    • delivery services (other than Plone MailHost),
  • external subscriber filtering/manipulation with plugins (filter out or add more subscribers)


  • Plone 4.3, 5.0 and 5.1 (tested)
  • Archetypes
  • ATContentTypes (base profile only)


  • collective.taskqueue for asynchronous sendout. Use either Products.EasyNewsletter[taskqueue] or Products.EasyNewsletter[taskqueue_redis] extra. Configure a named task queue Products.EasyNewsletter.queue. Read carefully the documentation of collective.taskqueue.
  • collective.zamqp for asynchronous sendout. Configure a queue named Products.EasyNewsletter.queue (DEPRECATED).
  • For asynchronous sendout use the one or the other, both together will crash Plone. collective.taskqueue is recommended unless you know why you want to use AMQP.


  1. Add Products.EasyNewsletter to your buildout
  2. Run your buildout script
  3. Restart zope
  4. Install EasyNewsletter via Plone Management Interface
  5. Add a "Newsletter Subscriber" portlet and select the EasyNewsletter (To this newsletter the subscribers will be added).


For more documentation please visit:

Known Issues

  • If parts of the ENLIssue footer show up in the Plone footer, change the footer portlet view name from footer to @@footer. This issue was fixed in Plone already, but you have to manually update this in an existing site.

Source Code

Source code is at Github:


Issue tracker is at Github:


  • initial release: Kai Dieffenbach
  • Maik Derstappen
  • Andreas Jung
  • Philip Bauer
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Dinu Gherman
  • Peter Holzer
  • Jens W. Klein