PyScada a open source SCADA system

A Open Source SCADA System with HTML5 HMI, build using the Django framework. If you like to setup your own SCADA system head over to


  • HTML5 based HMI
  • Supports the following industrial Protocols
  • very low Hardware requirements for the Server



  • core/HMI
    • python 2.7
    • django==1.11
    • numpy>=1.6.0
    • pillow
    • python-daemon
  • ModbusMaster
    • pymodbus>=1.2
  • HDF5Export
    • h5py>=2.1.1
  • SystemStatistics
    • psutil
  • VISA
    • PyVisa >= 1.8
  • BACNet/IP
    • bacpypes
  • 1-Wire
    • OWFS
    • PyOWNet

What is Working

  • Modbus TCP/RTU/BIN
  • Visa (at least for the Devices in the visa/devices folder)
  • Systemstat
  • OneWire (only DS18B20)
  • phant (no known issues)
  • smbus (at least for the Devices in the smbus/device_templates folder)
  • event (no known issues)
  • export (no known issues)
  • hmi (no known issues)

What is not Working/Missing

  • Documentation
  • SysV init daemon handling
  • BACNet (due to the lack of hardware to test)


Detailed installation instruction can be found at: .

@cwraig wrote some nice Blog articles on different topics for using PyScada with the Raspberry Pi:



The project is licensed under the _GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3)_. -