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pip install Pythonic==1.11



Graphical Python programming for trading and automation



You can run Pythonic natively on any platform, as a container or on your Raspberry PI.

Container based installation

Pythonic is available as container image which can be run by Podman or Docker.

1. Pull the image from the server

podman pull pythonicautomation/pythonic

docker pull pythonicautomation/pythonic

2. Create a container

podman run -d -p 7000:7000 -p 8000:8000 pythonic

docker run -d -p 7000:7000 -p 8000:8000 pythonicautomation/pythonic

Native Installation

1. Install Python 3.9

2a. [Linux]

On Linux based systems, run sudo pip3 install Pythonic or sudo python3 -m pip install Pythonic

In general, root-rights are not required but when you run without it, the start script under /usr/local/bin/ won't get installed.

2b. [Windows]

On Windows, open the command line or the Powershell and type: pip3 install Pythonic

Make sure that the Python script folder (e.g. under Python 3.7: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\Scripts) if part of the Path environemnt variable.

3. Run Pythonic

Open a command shell and simply type Pythonic.

Raspberry PI Image

The image is available at

The credentials for login at Cockpit are:

  • Username: pythonic
  • Password: guetersloh


Open your favorite WebAssembly compatible web browser and navigate to...

Editing elements

On Windows, when you drop an element to the working areay, the related *.py-file gets copied to %HOMEPATH%\Pythonic\executables. On Linux or Mac you can find them under ~/Pythonic/executables.


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