This package allow you get data from Twitter, Swarm(check-ins) and Foursquare

pip install SocialCrawler==0.4.1



It is a python package to help get data from Twitter, Foursquare.

This package was created to facilitate the data mining from Twitter and Foursquare. (Only Linux)

Install (generic way)

    $ python3 -m pip install SocialCrawler

How work ?


  • Python >= 3
  • setuptools
  • Foursquare developer credentials ( if you wanna work with)
  • Twitter developer credentials ( if you wanna work with )
  • geckodriver installed and in $PATH (we got this problem with when try run in Linux Mint and Kali)
    $ export PATH=$PATH:<geckodriver-path>


  • As the package use tweepy as framework to connect with Twitter we can use Twitter Stream API. Therefore you can search based in :
    • delimited
    • stall_warnings
    • filter_level
    • language
    • follow
    • track
    • locations
    • count
    • with
    • replies
    • stringift_friend_id

As shown in Stream Overview

  • Getting check-ins shared in Twitter or the check-ins of the last week.
    • If you have a Foursquare credential you will be able to track data from specific locations and others.

See Wiki!

  • v 0.1.0

    • fixed module class declaration
  • v 0.0.9

    • fixed syntax erro and hacking method dir output
  • v 0.0.8

    • added selenium as requirements to use foursquare browser request (to avoid rate limit), can not work
    • updated ExtractorData to a full version to allow get (almost) full VENUE info (NewExtractorData)
    • removed urlib2 as requirements
    • updated run flow, now always we will have return just check if the field is NULL, when this happen it is because the data is missing
  • v 0.0.7

    • when VENUE or FOURSQUARE get requests error the program thread will wait 15 minutes to request again
    • Added new except treatments
    • separeted foursquare request and venue request in two try-except blocks
    • fixed write categorie_id bug, missing int to str convert
    • yet in ExtractorData possibility of use other file (non a created by Collector or CollectorV2 ) to consult Foursquare. (not available yet)
  • v 0.0.6

    • Formatted to PEP257 and PEP8 (almost)
    • Implementaded ExtractorData: a simple way to get data from Foursquare using the swarm url code
    • Add HistoricalCollector.CollectorV2 that get all data from json tweet and save as tsv file
    • Add in ExtractorData possibility of use other file (non a created by Collector or CollectorV2 ) to consult Foursquare. (not available yet)
    • added urllib2 as Requirements
  • v 0.0.5

    • Fixed bug in getStoredData function that allow some parameter be None
    • Updated format file name generated
    • Increased time wait request from 15 minutos to 16. ( Sometimes when was tried request again -after 15 minutes - the server responded that don't finished the 15 minutes.
    • Updated the fields saved. Now all field is saved in a file using \tab format as is shown in Wiki.