A Test Program editor and diff tool for Focused Test Inc.'s FTI Studio XML files.

pip install TPEdit==0.1.0



A Test Program (TP) Editor and Diff tool for test programs made by FTI Studio.

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A Test Program (TP) Editor and Diff tool for test programs made by FTI Studio. FTI (Focused Test, Inc., is a semiconductor ATE supplier specializing in discrete power devices.

It can compare any number of files, as long as the files all have the same general structure.

Basic TPEdit interface.


  • Cross-Platform GUI via wxPython
  • Diff and work on any number of files at once.


You can download the source code, a Python wheel, or even a 'compiled' executable from github (see Releases). You can also get the Python wheel from PyPI.


Why Python 2.7?

I didn't want to release this with Python 2.7. I feel that all new projects should be released with 3.4 or above, but wxPython Phoenix (the Python3 verison of wxPython) has a slightly different TreeListCtrl view which I don't like.

Notice how the spacing between lines is much larger:

How it looked on Py3. Not as pretty :-(.

I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to look the way I want, so I've kept the project on Python2.

Future Plans

  • File editing: use TPEdit to directly edit the Test Program files.
  • Value propagation: send an element's value to all open files.
  • Better Differencing: Allow files that have different structures to be diff'd properly - with matching of tests and whatnot.