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WebPages - full-stack JS web framework

Hello dear web developer!

I like the idea to use JavaScript on both sides - front-end and back-end. Yes, we can use node.js and frameworks like backbone.js and express.js. But JS syntax isn't what I like, especially spagetti-style with callbacks chain.

It's why appear this idea - create web framework that uses only JavaScript. But also I described a new syntax that can help to write more beautiful and clear code. (We continue discussing syntax)

Good to know. Node.js has ES6 support and you can use new features, like classes and more.


New syntax

# syntax mainly derived from Python languuage

# assign value
a, b, c = 1, 2, 3
a = n * 2
# syntax for lambda functions
func add(x, y): x + y
# define functions
func append(l, val):
    return true
# callbacks chain (version 1: not flat)

func show_posts(request):
    try User.get(user_id=1) as user:
        if not user.is_active:
            raise Exception("Access denied")
        with BlogPost.getall(author=user) as posts:
            blog_posts = posts
    catch msg, code:
        raise Exception("User doesn't found")
    return render('posts.html', {'posts': blog_posts})

# converts to JS code
# ? ? ?
# callbacks chain (version 2: flat list)

func show_posts(request):
    user = User.get(user_id=1)
    if not user.is_active:
        raise Exception("Access denied")
    posts = BlogPost.getall(author=user)
    return render('posts.html', {'posts': posts})

# converts to JS code (something like this)

function show_posts(request, response) {
    wait(function () {
      user = User.get(user_id=1)
    }).then(function (next, err) {
      if (! user.is_active) {
        throw "Access denied";
    }).then(function (next, err) {
      posts = BlogPost.getall(author=user);
    }).then(function (next, err) {
      return render('posts.html', {'posts': posts});
    }).then(function (next, err) {

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