A simple GUI to-do/task manager with CalDAV support.

caldav, gui, todolist
pip install abeluna==1.1.3


Abeluna Build Status

A simple GUI to-do/task manager with CalDAV support. In theory, Abeluna should support any CalDAV server, but currently only Nextcloud and Radicale are tested.

The goal of this application is to become a desktop version of Nextcloud's Tasks app. As such, not all functionality in the icalendar's VTODO are supported, only those that are used by Nextcloud. On the other hand, there some non-standard fields used by Nextcloud that are supported by Abeluna, such as the ability to hide subtasks.


Main window

Settings window

Custom theme main window


From PyPI

First, install two packages, libnotify and gobject-introspection. On other distributions besides Arch Linux, these names may be different. For example, on Debian-based systems, gobject-introspection is libgirepository1.0-dev.

$ pip install abeluna
$ abeluna


If you are using Arch Linux and do not wish to install through PIP, you can install the AUR package abeluna for the latest version.


$ abeluna

In the GUI, calendars can be added through Settings > Calendar settings. General settings, such as the timezone and synchronization schedule can be accessed through Settings > General settings.

Future Plans

  • Support for desktop notifications.
  • Support for recurring tasks.
  • Add common keyboard shortcuts.