Google Ads Python Client Library

adwords adxbuyer dfp dfa google
pip install adspygoogle==1.3.1


Notice: This library is now sunset

As we announced earlier, this library has been sunset on 1/5/15. We will no longer update this library for new versions of the supported APIs or act on issues submitted to the issue tracker. Once all supported APIs are no longer compatible with this library, it will be removed from GitHub and PyPI.

A newer library named googleads is now available that supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.3+. You can read more about it here:

The Google Ads APIs Python Client Libraries

This client library simplifies accessing Google's SOAP Ads APIs - AdWords, DoubleClick Ad Exchange SOAP, DoubleClick for Advertisers, and DoubleClick for Publishers. The library provides easy ways to store your authentication credentials and log SOAP interactions. It also contains example code to help you get started integrating with our APIs.

How do I get started?

Install or update the library from PyPI. If you're using pip, this is as easy as:

$ pip install [--upgrade] adspygoogle

If you don't want to install directly from PyPI, you can download the library as a tarball and then install it manually. The download can be found here: Navigate to the directory that contains your downloaded unzipped client library and run the "" script to install the "adspygoogle" module.

$ python build install

You can find code examples in the git repo and in the library's releases within the examples folder.

Where do I submit bug reports and/or feature requests?

Use the issue tracker at:

Make sure to subscribe to our Google Plus page for API change announcements and other news:

External Dependencies:

- Python v2.4+         --
- PyXML v0.8.3+        --
  ElementTree v1.2.6+  --
  cElementTree v1.0.6+ --
                       (part of the Python v2.5+)
  lxml v2.2+           --
- fpconst              --
- oauth2client         --
                       (only if using oauth2)
- Epydoc               --
                       (only if you will be generating docs)
- mock                 --
                       (only needed to run unit tests)

Authors: (Stan Grinberg) (Joseph DiLallo)

Maintainers: (Mark Saniscalchi)