A declarative system to consume the NVP api.

aiclib, nvp
pip install aiclib==0.88



A declarative system to consume the NVP api.

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Use of AIC wrapper lib

The AIC wrapper command, or sentence, consists of two parts: - An object and its parameters - A verb that acts on that object

Typical use looks as follows: library.[possible parameters].object.[params].verb

It is possible for the object to be a collection of the same type of object. The AIC wrapper lib will perform a bulk operation on all of the objects.

If an object is not given it is assumed that the user wishes to create an object (this is finalized through the CREATE verb).

Object's parameters are completely optional if they are set through a 'dot' function. Parameters that are required are set during the declaration of the object.

A verb works on the object and is always the last portion of a normal command.

Querying using the wrapper lib

The exception to the normal command pattern is when a user wishes to query. A query works much like the typical use but acts works as a modifer to the verb (an adverb).

Typical query use is as follows: library.[params].object.query.[params].verb

The object stated in the command is what query is looking for. Parameters may be passed to the query to make the search more precise.

Extending the wrapper lib

The creation of a custom entity requires that the entity, somewhere in its inheritance chain, inherit from core.Entity. For it to properly return responses from the server it also needs to overload unroll.