A tool designed to power exploratory data analysis, on airQ collected Air Quality Indicator Data.

airq, golden-temple-amritsar, graphs, monitoring-station, plotting, pollution-levels, python
pip install airQInsight==0.2.5



airQuality ( PM10 ) at Alipur, Delhi-DPCC, Delhi

Visualization of Air Quality Indication Dataset collected by airQ to get deeper insight, written with ❤️

Accompanying website for Visualization of Air Quality, Coming soon ... :boss:


Prior to it, I wrote one simple data collection module, which collects Air Quality Indication Data from Govt. Of India's Open Data Platform.

Now for getting a peek into that collected dataset, I'm writing this module, which can generate animated plot of pollutants ( i.e. CO, NH3, NO2, OZONE, PM10, PM2.5, SO2 ) for all monitoring stations, from which Pollution Control Board(s) collect data.


This python module is available on PyPI.

$ pip install airQInsight --user
$ python3 -m pip install airQInsight --user # if above one doesn't work


After installing airQInsight, make sure you've put installation path ( which is by default /home/user/.local/bin/ ) in your system PATH variable.

Now it can be invoked using its name directly.

$ airQInsight
airQInsight - Air Quality Data Visualization System

	$ airQInsight `path-to-data-file_( *.json )_` `path-to-sink-directory`

Bad Input


It'd be a good idea to automate this animated plot generation method using systemd, as we did in case of airQ ( which collected Air Quality Indication Data periodically ).

Required UNIT files are supplied here

You'll require to make some changes in order to run this on your environment.

Thanking you 😉