Aliyun log service Python client SDK

pip install aliyun-log-python-sdk-test==0.6.46


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This is the open source version of Python SDK for AliCloud Log Service. It's a Python programming interfaces of Alicloud Log Service, providing encapsulations of Log Service Rest API. It helps Pythoner to connect to Alicloud Log Service more efficiently.

Refer to the doc:

Don't want to write code? Try the CLI which covers almost all features of this SDK.


  1. Wrap all SLS Rest API (Management, data manipulation, consumer group etc)
  2. Consumer Group high level Class Support.
  3. Python Logging handler util
  4. High level operations: auto paging, auto retry till complete, copy project/logstore settings, arrange_shard, resource usage etc.
  5. Elasticsearch data migration
  6. ETL feature: copy data cross logstore, transform data cross logstore with powerful ETL config.

Supported Python:

  1. Python 2.6
  2. Python 2.7
  3. Python 3.3
  4. Python 3.4
  5. Python 3.5
  6. Python 3.6
  7. Python 3.7
  8. Pypy2
  9. Pypy3

Supported Log Service API

  1. Log Service API 0.6

Change Logs

Change Logs


pip install -U aliyun-log-python-sdk

Sample Code:

Complete API Reference

Other resources

  1. Alicloud Log Service homepage:
  2. Alicloud Log Service doc:
  3. for any issues, please submit support tickets