A cross-platform launcher for film and games projects, built on Rez

launcher, package, resolve, version, software, management
pip install allzpark==1.3.129


Application launcher and environment management
for 21st century games and digital post-production,
built with bleeding-rez and Qt.py

Windows Linux MacOS


Date Release Notes
October 2020 1.3 Dedicated profiles panel
August 2019 1.2 First official release

What is it?

It's an application launcher, for when you need control over what software and which versions of software belong to a given project. It builds on the self-hosted package manager and environment management framework bleeding-rez, providing both a visual and textual interface for launching software in a reproducible way.


Allzpark runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS, using Python 2 or 3 and any binding of Qt, and is available via pip.

pip install allzpark

See Quickstart for more details and tutorials.

Some Table of Contents

Updating the Docs

I'd like for this to happen during CI, but till then there's a deploy.ps1 in the docs/ directory.

cd allzpark\docs
. deploy.ps1

This will build the docs and deploy it onto the gh-pages branch, which is reflected live after about 1 min.