An anime video filename parser

anime, anitomy, parser
pip install anitopy==2.1.0



Anitopy is a Python library for parsing anime video filenames. It's simple to use and it's based on the C++ library Anitomy.


The following filename...


...can be parsed using the following code:

>>> import anitopy
>>> anitopy.parse('[TaigaSubs]_Toradora!_(2008)_-_01v2_-_Tiger_and_Dragon_[1280x720_H.264_FLAC][1234ABCD].mkv')
    'anime_title': 'Toradora!',
    'anime_year': '2008',
    'audio_term': 'FLAC',
    'episode_number': '01',
    'episode_title': 'Tiger and Dragon',
    'file_checksum': '1234ABCD',
    'file_extension': 'mkv',
    'file_name': '[TaigaSubs]_Toradora!_(2008)_-_01v2_-_Tiger_and_Dragon_[1280x720_H.264_FLAC][1234ABCD].mkv',
    'release_group': 'TaigaSubs',
    'release_version': '2',
    'video_resolution': '1280x720',
    'video_term': 'H.264'

The parse function receives a string and returns a dictionary containing all found elements. It can also receive parsing options, this will be explained below.


To install Anitopy, simply use pip:

pip install anitopy

Or download the source code and inside the source code's folder run:

python install


The parse function can receive the options parameter. E.g.:

>>> import anitopy
>>> anitopy_options = {'allowed_delimiters': ' '}
>>> anitopy.parse('DRAMAtical Murder Episode 1 - Data_01_Login', options=anitopy_options)
    'anime_title': 'DRAMAtical Murder',
    'episode_number': '1',
    'episode_title': 'Data_01_Login',
    'file_name': 'DRAMAtical Murder Episode 1 - Data_01_Login'

If the default options had been used, the parser would have considered _ as a delimiter and replaced it with space in the episode title.

The options contain the following attributes:

Attribute name Type Description Default value
allowed_delimiters string The list of character to be considered as delimiters. ' _.&+,|'
ignored_strings list of strings A list of strings to be removed from the filename during parse. []
parse_episode_number boolean If the episode number should be parsed. True
parse_episode_title boolean If the episode title should be parsed. True
parse_file_extension boolean If the file extension should be parsed. True
parse_release_group boolean If the release group should be parsed. True