appbase is the foundation for a pyQt based application including: * save, load, autosave * session management * fullscreen with F11 * close-dialog * system tray control

pip install appbase==0.3.4


AppBase - your base for app development

Appbase is the foundation for a pyQt based application

It includes:

  • - a graphical launcher to view and open python sessions stored as .pyz

  • - just substitute your QApplication this one and you get...

    • open, save, new, timed autosave etc.
  • - this mainWindow gives you a predefined menubar including all features of

  • - mainWindow with workspace management

  • - a system tray control for the mainWindow

During the install procedure you also have the option to add a launcher in your start menu launching the under default conditions.

The Launcher itself is highly custom-able allowing different headers, logos and file types to start.