Creates or updates an AWS AppSync resolver

pip install appsync-resolver-uploader==1.0.0



A command line tool for uploading AppSync resolvers into AWS AppSyncL

This is intended to be used in a CI/CD process for managing AppSync resolvers. Manages both UNIT and PIPELINE resolvers. For PIPELINE resolvers referenced functions must exist prior to creating or updating the resolver.


python -m appsync_resolver_uploader --aws-access-key-id accesskey --aws-secret-access-key secret --aws-region region --api-id id --type-name type --field-name field --datasource-name datasource --request-mapping-template request.vtl --response-mapping-template response.vtl --pipeline-config name,datasource;name,datasource


  • aws-access-key-id The AWS Access Key ID for the IAM user
  • aws-secret-access-key The AWS Secret Access Key for the IAM user
  • aws-region The AWS Region of the AppSync API to update
  • api-id The API ID of the AppSync API to upload the schema to
  • type-name The name of the GraphQL Type
  • field-name The name of the GraphQL field to attach the resolver to
  • datasource-name The name of the AppSync data source for which the resolver is being created - not used for pipeline resolvers
  • request-mapping-template The request mapping VTL file to upload - Optional if the datasource is a Lambda
  • response-mapping-template The response mapping VTL file to upload - Optional if the datasource is a Lambda
  • pipeline-config The list of functions to use in this resolver. Including this list changes the resolver to a pipeline