Another unofficial Qt installer

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pip install aqtinstall==0.8


Another Qt installer(aqt)

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This is an utility replacing the official graphical Qt installer. It can automatically download prebuilt Qt binaries for any target (you're not bound to Linux binaries on Linux; you could also download iOS binaries). It's working with Python > 3.5 on Linux, OS X and Windows. It is required to install 7zip utility in your platform.

License and copyright

This program is distributed under MIT license.

Qt SDK and its related files are under its licenses. When using aqtinstall, you are considered to agree upon Qt licenses. aqtinstall installs Qt SDK as of a (L)GPL Free Software.

For details see Qt licensing and Licenses used in Qt5


Same as usual, it can be installed with pip

$ pip install aqtinstall


General usage looks like this:

aqt [-h][--help][-O | --outputdir <directory>][-b | --base <mirror url>][-E | --external <7zip command>] \
    install <qt-version> <host> <target> [<arch>] [-m all | -m [extra module] [extra module]...]
python -m aqt [-h][--help][-O | --outputdir <directory>][-b | --base <mirror url>][-E | --external <7zip command>] \
    install <qt-version> <host> <target> [<arch>] [-m all | -m [extra module] [extra module]...]
  • The Qt version is formatted like this: 5.11.3
  • Host is one of: linux, mac, windows
  • Target is one of: desktop, android, ios (iOS only works with mac host)
  • For some platforms you also need to specify an arch:
    • For windows, choose one of: win64_msvc2017_64, win32_msvc2017, win64_msvc2015_64, win32_msvc2015, win64_mingw73, win32_mingw73, win64_mingw53, win32_mingw53, win64_msvc2017_winrt_x64, win64_msvc2017_winrt_x86, win64_msvc2017_winrt_armv7
    • For android and Qt 5.13 or below, choose one of: android_x86_64, android_arm64_v8a, android_x86, android_armv7
  • You can specify external 7zip command path instead of built-in extractor.
  • When specify all for extra modules option '-m' all extra modules are installed.

Installing tool and utility(Experimental)

You can install tools and utilities using following syntax;

python -m aqt [-h][--help][-O | --outputdir <directory>][-b | --base <mirror url>][-E | --external <7zip command>] \
    tool <host> <tool_name> <tool-version> <arch>
  • tool_name is one of tools_ifw, tools_vcredist, and tools_openssl.
  • arch is full qualified tool name such as which values can be seen on Qt archive_site This is a quite experimental feature, may not work and please use it with your understanding of what you are doing.
  • It does not recognize 'installscript.qs'. When using tools which depends on a qt script, you should do something by yourself.

Target directory

aqt can take option '--outputdir' or '-O' that specify a target directory.

The Qt packages are installed under current directory as such Qt/<ver>/gcc_64/ If you want to install it in C:Qt as same as standard gui installer default, run such as follows:

C:\> mkdir Qt
C:\> aqt install --outputdir c:\Qt 5.11.3 windows desktop win64_msvc2017_64

Example: Installing Qt SDK 5.12.0 for Linux with QtCharts and QtNetworkAuth:

pip install aqtinstall
sudo aqt install --outputdir /opt 5.12.0 linux desktop -m qcharts qtnetworkauth

Example: Installing Android (armv7) Qt 5.10.2:

aqt install 5.10.2 linux android android_armv7

Example: Install Install FrameWork(IFW):

aqt tool linux tools_ifw 3.1.1

Example: Install vcredist:

C:\ aqt tool windows tools_vcredist 2019-02-13-1
C:\ .\Qt\Tools\vcredist\vcredist_msvc2017_x64.exe /norestart /q

Example: Install OpenSSL:

C:\ aqt tool windows tools_openssl 1.1.1-1

Example: Show help message

aqt help

Supported CI platform

There are no limitation for CI platform but currently it is tested on Azure Pipelines. If you want to use it with Github actions, please see install_qt action.

Use cases


This program is originally shown in Kaidan project as a name qli-installer. A project aqtinstall extend the original to run with standard python features with Linux, Mac and Windows, to be tested on CI platform, and to improve performance with a concurrent downloading.