Argon2 for Python

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pip install argon2-cffi==23.1.0


argon2-cffi: Argon2 for Python

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Argon2 won the Password Hashing Competition and argon2-cffi is the simplest way to use it in Python:

>>> from argon2 import PasswordHasher
>>> ph = PasswordHasher()
>>> hash = ph.hash("correct horse battery staple")
>>> hash  # doctest: +SKIP
>>> ph.verify(hash, "correct horse battery staple")
>>> ph.check_needs_rehash(hash)
>>> ph.verify(hash, "Tr0ub4dor&3")
Traceback (most recent call last):
argon2.exceptions.VerifyMismatchError: The password does not match the supplied hash

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argon2-cffi is maintained by Hynek Schlawack.

The development is kindly supported by my employer Variomedia AG, argon2-cffi Tidelift subscribers, and my amazing GitHub Sponsors.

argon2-cffi for Enterprise

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