Provides a concrete implementation of ContentBase

pip install armstrong.apps.articles==1.1.2



Provides a basic Article model for Armstrong


You can use the Article model from within any project you like. It's available to import like this:

from armstrong.apps.articles.models import Article

You have access to both traditional Manager via the objects property as well as a PublishedManager from armstrong.core.arm_content via the published property.

Installation & Configuration

You can install the latest release of armstrong.apps.articles using pip:

pip install armstrong.apps.articles

Make sure to add armstrong.apps.articles and armstrong.apps.content to your INSTALLED_APPS. You can add this however you like. This works as a copy-and-paste solution:

INSTALLED_APPS += ["armstrong.apps.articles", "armstrong.apps.content", ]

armstrong.apps.content is required because Article extends from the Content model inside apps.content.

Once installed, you have to run either syncdb, or migrate if you are using South.


  • Create something awesome -- make the code better, add some functionality, whatever (this is the hardest part).
  • Fork it
  • Create a topic branch to house your changes
  • Get all of your commits in the new topic branch
  • Submit a pull request

State of Project

Armstrong is an open-source news platform that is freely available to any organization. It is the result of a collaboration between the Texas Tribune and Bay Citizen, and a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The first release is scheduled for June, 2011.

To follow development, be sure to join the Google Group.

armstrong.apps.articles is part of the Armstrong project. You're probably looking for that.


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