A command line ASCII Git GUI

git, git-client, python, terminal-based, tui
pip install asciigit==0.0.10


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Asciigit is a terminal UI for Git. The aim of this project is to make it easier for you to interact with your Git repositories in the terminal, either locally or when connected to a remote server over SSH.

How to open

Navigate to the directory containing the Git repository you want to open, and run:


How to use

Either use your mouse to click around the terminal interface, or use the tab and enter buttons to navigate the screens.

There's also a key binding for ctrl-a that'll open up a shortcuts window.


Hit enter on a branch to check that branch out. terminal git client branch screenshot

View the commit history of your current branch. terminal git client commit screenshot

Select the files you want to commit by hitting enter on them, and then enter a commit message and commit and push at the bottom of the window. terminal git client working copy screenshot


You can install this application via pip:

pip install asciigit