Package for downloading, analyzing, and constructing open astronomy catalogs.

astronomy, catalog, open-astronomy-catalogs
pip install astrocats==0.3.37


Astrocats: Open Astronomy Catalogs

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The Astrocats package enables astronomers to construct their own curated catalogs of astronomical data with the intention of producing shareable catalogs of that data in human-readable formats. Astrocats is used by several existing open astronomy catalogs, including:

The process for creating one's own open astronomy catalog involves checking out this package and designing a "module" for it that is specific to that catalog's needs, a Wiki is available with instructions for doing so. At the moment the most developed module is the Open Supernova Catalog module; to set up astrocats with the supernovae module, one needs to check out two repositories:

git clone
cd astrocats
git clone

Astrocats will soon be listed on PyPi, at which point the install instructions will involve pip and a setup script, for now the install must be performed manually.