An AMQP (aka RabbitMQ) client library for asyncio.

pip install asynqp==0.6



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asynqp is an AMQP (aka RabbitMQ) client library for Python 3.4's new asyncio module.

Check out the official documentation.


import asyncio
import asynqp

def hello_world():
    Sends a 'hello world' message and then reads it from the queue.
    # connect to the RabbitMQ broker
    connection = yield from asynqp.connect('localhost', 5672, username='guest', password='guest')

    # Open a communications channel
    channel = yield from connection.open_channel()

    # Create a queue and an exchange on the broker
    exchange = yield from channel.declare_exchange('', 'direct')
    queue = yield from channel.declare_queue('test.queue')

    # Bind the queue to the exchange, so the queue will get messages published to the exchange
    yield from queue.bind(exchange, 'routing.key')

    # If you pass in a dict it will be automatically converted to JSON
    msg = asynqp.Message({'hello': 'world'})
    exchange.publish(msg, 'routing.key')

    # Synchronously get a message from the queue
    received_message = yield from queue.get()
    print(received_message.json())  # get JSON from incoming messages easily

    # Acknowledge a delivered message

    yield from channel.close()
    yield from connection.close()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


asynqp is on the Cheese Shop, so you can install it using Pip:

pip install asynqp

If you want the latest development version, you can install it from source:

git clone
cd asynqp
python install