ATLAS style for Matplotlib 3.0+

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pip install atlas-mpl-style==0.11.2


ATLAS Matplotlib Style

Provides a Matplotlib style replicating that used by the ATLAS collaboration.

Please open an issue if you find this style deviates from the guidelines.

Install from PyPI using pip: pip install atlas-mpl-style


In addition, this package also provides:

  • A matplotlib style based on the background / foreground from the VIM Paper color scheme, along with a print version with a white background.
    • The default color cycle in all three styles is generated with HCL Wizard
  • Additional Matplotlib color definitions based on the Paper theme, and the Oceanic Next theme
  • A function to draw the ATLAS label (requires usetex: true as set by the included ATLAS style)

TeXLive and Fonts Needed

When using the ATLAS style, text is typeset using LaTeX. A working TeXLive installation providing the following is required:

  • pdflatex
  • amsmath
  • TeX Gyre Heros
  • mathastext
  • physics (the package)
  • siunitx

On Arch (and related distributions), the texlive-most group is sufficient.

On Debian (Jessie or above) or Ubuntu (18.04+), the following set of packages should be sufficient:

  • texlive
  • texlive-latex-extra
  • texlive-fonts-recommended
  • texlive-lang-greek
  • tex-gyre
  • dvipng
  • ghostscript

On CentOS 7, the supplied TeXLive (2012) is extremely old. TeXLive should be installed from upstream.

TeXLive is not required for the "paper" or "print" style. Fira Sans and Iosevka should be installed for these styles to look as intended. However, neither is necessary.