AutoFocus Client Lib

pip install autofocus-client-library==4.0.12


AutoFocus Client Library

Python Compatibility

Python2 is end of life as of January 2020. We've converted this library to be compatibly with python3 only. If you need the python2 version of this library, you can install from the python-2 tag as follows: git checkout tags/python-2; python setup install

If you try to install this version in python2, you'll get an error about requirements not being satisfied.


pip install autofocus-client-library


sudo ./ install

Config File

Remember to create the file ~/.config/panw and add the following section to it (note the lack of spaces and quotes)


# whether or not warning log level is displayed
# ignore_warnings = false

# disable ssl verification (not recommended unless debugging SSL/CA issues)
# ssl_verify = true

# uses default requests ca bundle by default, can override here by specifying path
# ssl_cert = <some_path>

If you write a script that isn't being run by your user, you can always manually set the API key via the following

from autofocus import AutoFocusAPI
AutoFocusAPI.api_key = "Your AF API Key Here"


Should add some basic examples here, but most can be found in examples