Mail client autoconfiguration service

pip install automx2==2021.4


automx2: Email client configuration made easy

automx2 makes configuring a mail account easy. It unites methods for automated mailbox configuration from Apple (mobileconfig), Microsoft (autodiscover) and Mozilla (autoconfig) in one tool. automx2 is successor to automx. It has been designed to be easier to setup, easier to configure and easier to use.


automx2 comes with documentation that explains how automated mail account configuration works, how automx2 works and how you install and configure automx2.

All documentation is stored in the doc subdirectory. You can read it file by file using a text reader or all files as one if you point your browser to automx2.html.

About automx2

The project resides as automx/automx2 on GitLab. Please use the project’s issue tracker if you find bugs. To discuss usage and other topics join us on the automx-users mailing list.

automx2 was written by Ralph Seichter for sys4 AG. It has 100% test coverage and is mirrored to rseichter/automx2 on GitHub.