Mail client autoconfiguration service

autoconfig, autodiscover, automx, automx2, mobileconfig
pip install automx2==2022.1


automx2: Email client configuration made easy

automx2 makes configuring email accounts easy. It unites methods for automated mailbox configuration from Apple's Mobileconfig, Microsoft's Autodiscover and Mozilla's Autoconfig in one tool. automx2 is successor to automx. It has been designed to be easier to setup, easier to configure and easier to use.


automx2 is Copyright © 2019-2022 Ralph Seichter. automx2 is licensed under the GNU General Public License V3 or later. The project is hosted on GitHub in the rseichter/automx2 repository and published on


Detailed documentation is available in HTML, PDF and other formats.


To avoid copyright issues, I do not currently accept code contributions. I hope that this will change at some point in the future, but for now, please refrain from opening merge requests.

However, submitting ideas, suggestions and bug reports in the form of GitHub issues is welcome. Please refer to this blog article for an explanation on why issues are a good method to share and discuss ideas.


It is possible to sponsor specific new features. Please contact me via email to discuss this in detail.