A project to make it simple to add/remove ip addresses (or CIDR blocks) from an AWS Security group.

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pip install awswl==1.1.0


AWS Allowlist

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A small tool to make it pretty simple to add and remove ip addresses (or CIDR blocks) from an AWS security group. This acts like a sort of oversimplified VPN, where you can quickly give yourself SSH access to a project as you move about from network to network.

This README should have enough information to get started, but you can get more information on:

Installing 🛠️

This is a python tool, packaged as a python module, so you should be able to just run

pip install awswl

Of course, if you don't know what a python module is, or you don't have python and pip installed, you may have additional work ahead of you.

Now that Python2 is largely a relic of the past, I'm focused on supporting Python 3 only. The current CI build is for Python 3.9+.

Usage ⌨

If you want usage help at the command line, try:

awswl --help

There's more detailed usage documentation in the documentation, which you can read on GitHub or readthedocs.


All of these require you to have AWS credentials set up in advance, stored in ~/.aws/credentials, and if you need to use a profile, you can configure it with AWS_PROFILE. If you want to identify the security group using a command-line variable so that you don't have to put it into each command invocation, you can put it in AWSWL_SGID.