Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit Companion CLI

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pip install azure-iot-starterkit-cli==1.1.0


Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit Companion CLI

The Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit Companion CLI is a sample command line application that helps you get your IoT device connected to an IoT Hub.


The Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit Companion CLI will help you:

  • Connect your IoT device to a wireless network with Internet access.
  • Provision resources such as an IoT Hub and IoT Device in Azure.
  • Install and configure the IoT Edge Runtime on your IoT device as appropriate.

Getting Started



The easiest way to install the Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit Companion CLI is using pip:

  • pip install azure-iot-starterkit-cli


Getting a development environment up and running so that you can contribute fixes is easy:

  1. git clone
  2. cd azure-iot-starterkit-cli
  3. pip install --editable .


The follow videos show how to get started with the CLI:

Additional Resources

  • Detailed documentation on how to use the CLI to provision your IoT Edge device can be found here.


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