Baltic LSC module old_scheme

pip install balticlsc-test==0.1.1


Computation Module Template Python

Package balticlsc is supposed to help with creating modules for the BalticLSC system in the python environment.

Upload new version of the package

python sdist
twine upload dist/balticlsc-{version}.tar.gz

Download the package

You can simply download the package using PyPI:

python -m pip install balticlsc

or clone the repo and use the code directly.

Build your module

  1. Create an implementation of the ProcessingInterface*. It should handle tokens according to the documentation.
  2. Init in your code the BalticLSC api using yours implementation of processing*:
    from balticlsc.scheme.api import init_baltic_api
    app, rest_client = init_baltic_api(Processing)
  3. Build the proper Dockerfile according to the documentation*.

*Here you got some example modules on which you can base yours:

  1. Face recogniser