A suite of tools for the analysis of optical beams

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pip install beamtools==0.4



The beamtools package is a collection of methods to assist with several aspects of optical system design and analysis.

Importing data

One of the most useful methods in the package is import_data_file which can be used to seamlessly import a variety of data types.

Importing data with beamtools.import_data_file()

Once of the most useful methods in the package is import_data_file which can be used to seamlessly import a variety of data types.

import beamtools as bt

#data from an ocean optics spectrometer
file = 'testdata.csv'
type = 'oo_spec'

data = bt.import_data_file(file,type)

Data imported by import_data_file is returned as a DataObject. In this example, data.wavelength and data.intensity returns numpy arrays of the wavelength and intensity data imported from the file. Any header information is stored in data.header. The header syntax for each file is defined in

Data Objects

All raw data in the package is handle via a DataObj where the data is stored as object attributes. Data objects are created from dictionaries (set of key/value pairs) and the Data Object attributes are defined by the dictionary keys. The class definition can be found in All DataObj instances posses the class method fields(). Calling DataObj.fields() returns a list of the onjects attributes. This can be used to view the names available data arrays.

File formats

A list of file formats can be found in I have already included many common file types. More can be added to the package in the future by creating additional dictionary entries following the format and keywords given. Each file format includes a key named alias. These values comprise a set of alternate names which can be used anywhere in the package when specifying a file type.

Common methods

beamtools.pulse module

The beamtools.pulse module contains many methods for analysing optical pulse. This includes the analysis of spectra and autocorrelation traces.

beamtools.upp module

The ultrafast pulse propagation module, imported as beamtools.ufpp possess numerous methods pertaining to the numerical propogation of ultrafast pulses. This includes nonlinear fiber-optic equations, fiber amplification, and several simulated fiber-optic components.

beamtools.grating module