TaskCluster Beetmover Script

pretty-naming, s3-bucket
pip install beetmoverscript==8.5.6


Beetmoverscript README

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deploy a new version to staging

In order to rollout a new version of beetmoverscript for testing, one must roll-out a new version, deploy it within puppet internal pypi mirrors and pin the beetmoverworkers to one's environment.

  1. Once your PR is ready for testing, make sure to create a new version like <next-version>.dev0+pr<pr number> under beetmoverscript/_version.py.
  2. Create wheel with python3 setup.py bdist_wheel and scp that file under puppet
  3. Login in puppet and change directory in your environment (e.g. /etc/puppet/environments/$whoami)
  4. Make sure to have the puppet repo up-to-date there
  5. Tweak the beetmoverscript version in the module's requirements.txt to reflect the new value, and also to force all the dev beetmoverworkers to be chained to your environment. Something like this:
diff --git a/manifests/moco-nodes.pp b/manifests/moco-nodes.pp
index a8357fb..1982cec 100644
--- a/manifests/moco-nodes.pp
+++ b/manifests/moco-nodes.pp
@@ -977,7 +977,7 @@ node /^beetmover-dev.*\.srv\.releng\..*\.mozilla\.com$/ {
     $only_user_ssh       = true
+    $pin_puppet_server = 'releng-puppet2.srv.releng.mdc1.mozilla.com'
+    $pin_puppet_env    = 'mtabara'
     include toplevel::server::beetmoverscriptworker

diff --git a/modules/beetmover_scriptworker/files/requirements.txt b/modules/beetmover_scriptworker/files/requirements.txt
--- a/modules/beetmover_scriptworker/files/requirements.txt
+++ b/modules/beetmover_scriptworker/files/requirements.txt
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ aiohttp==3.2.1
+beetmoverscript==XXX    # dev version to be tested
  1. Login to all machines to chain them to your environment and also deploy the newer testing version
# vpn
for i in {1..10}; do
nslookup beetmover-dev$i | grep Name: | sed -e 's/Name:\t//'
done > /src/ops/hosts/beet-dev
csshX --hosts /src/ops/hosts/beet-dev
sudo puppet agent --test  # or unpin or w/e

deploy a new version to production

  1. Once your PR is reviewed and passes the tests, have one of the admins review & merge it
  2. Bump to new version in version.txt.
  3. towncrier --version $(cat version)
  4. Commit with a "%VERSION%" message
  5. git tag -s %VERSION%
  6. git push
  7. git push --tags
  8. Create wheel with python3 setup.py bdist_wheel and scp that file under puppet
  9. Wait for that file to be synchronized across all puppet instances (emails arrive to confirm that)
  10. Tweak the beetmoverscript version in the module's requirements.txt to reflect the new value,
  11. Create a PR for your change and get review.
  12. Merge it when approved.
  13. There are currently fifteen prod and ten dev beetmoverworkers. You can wait for the cron job to run puppet to deploy new changes every 30 mins or so. Alternatively, can wait for the puppet masters to sync the change (~5 minutes, see mail again), and force the puppet run by logging-in to each of the machines:
# vpn
for i in {1..10}; do
nslookup beetmoverworker-$i | grep Name: | sed -e 's/Name:\t//'
done > /src/ops/hosts/beet-prod
csshX --hosts /src/ops/hosts/beet-prod
sudo puppet agent --test



setup project structure


> tree -L 3 /app/beetmoverworker
├── artifact
│   └── public
│       └── logs
├── beetmoverscript -> /Users/jlund/devel/mozilla/dirtyRepos/beetmoverscript  # path to beetmoverscript repo
├── log_dir
│   ├── task_error.log
│   ├── task_output.log
│   └── worker.log
├── work_dir
└── worker_config.json

6 directories, 4 files

more detailed:

mkdir -p /app/beetmoverworker
cd /app/beetmoverworker
mkdir artifact_dir log_dir work_dir
# create worker_config.json. see https://github.com/mozilla-releng/scriptworker/blob/master/README.rst
touch worker_config.json  # see below for example
git clone https://github.com/lundjordan/beetmoverscript.git
# create beetmoverscript config
cp beetmoverscript/config_example.json beetmoverscript/script_config.json  # see below for example
# For running outside of scriptworker, i.e. just the beetmover script itself, create a fake task.json.
# If running with scriptworker either task-creator or scheduled in `mach taskgraph`, scriptworker will download this for you
#    automatically once it picks up the respective task from tc queue
touch work_dir/task.json  # see below for example
> cat /app/beetmoverworker/scriptworker.yaml
provisioner_id: test-dummy-provisioner
worker_group: test-dummy-workers
worker_type: dummy-worker-jlund
worker_id: dummy-worker-jlund1
   clientId: ...
   accessToken: ...
   certificate: ...

artifact_expiration_hours: 24
artifact_upload_timeout: 1200
task_max_timeout: 2400
verbose: true

task_script: ["/path/to/beetmoverscript_venv/bin/beetmoverscript", "/app/beetmoverworker/beetmoverscript/script_config.json"]

log_dir: "/app/beetmoverworker/log_dir"
work_dir: "/app/beetmoverworker/work_dir"
artifact_dir: "/app/beetmoverworker/artifact"
task_log_dir: "/app/beetmoverworker/artifact/public/logs"

# chainoftrust config
sign_chain_of_trust: true
verify_chain_of_trust: true
verify_cot_signature: true
cot_job_type: beetmover

# gpg homedir config
## only used when verify_chain_of_trust is true
base_gpg_home_dir: "/app/beetmoverworker/gpg"                                                                                 [48/9992]
gpg_lockfile: "/app/beetmoverworker/gpg_homedir.lock"
git_key_repo_dir: "/app/beetmoverworker/key_repo"
git_commit_signing_pubkey_dir: "/app/beetmoverworker/valid_git_fingerprints/"
last_good_git_revision_file: "/app/beetmoverworker/git_revision"
pubkey_path: "/app/beetmoverworker/my_pubkey.asc"
privkey_path: "/app/beetmoverworker/my_privkey.asc"
gpg_path: /usr/local/bin/gpg
my_email: "scriptworker@example.com"
> cat /app/beetmoverworker/beetmoverscript/script_config.json
    "work_dir": "work_dir",
    "artifact_dir": "artifact_dir",
    "verbose": true,
    "aiohttp_max_connections": 10,
    "checksums_digests": ["sha512", "sha256"],
    "blobs_needing_prettynaming_contents": [
    "actions": {
        "push-to-nightly": {
            "firefox_nightly": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/firefox_nightly.yml",
            "firefox_nightly_repacks": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/firefox_nightly_repacks.yml",
            "fennec_nightly": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/fennec_nightly.yml",
            "fennec_nightly_repacks": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/fennec_nightly_repacks.yml",
            "fennecx86_nightly": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/fennecx86_nightly.yml"
        "push-to-candidates": {
            "fennec_candidates": "path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/fennec_candidates.yml",
            "fennec_candidates_repacks": "path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/fennec_candidates_repacks.yml",
            "fennecx86_candidates": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/fennecx86_candidates.yml",
            "firefox_candidates": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/firefox_candidates.yml",
            "firefox_candidates_repacks": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/firefox_candidates_repacks.yml"
            "devedition_candidates": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/devedition_candidates.yml",
            "devedition_candidates_repacks": "/path/to/beetmoverscript/beetmoverscript/templates/devedition_candidates_repacks.yml"
        "push-to-releases": {},
        "push-to-staging": {}

    "bucket_config": {
        "nightly": {
            "credentials": {
                "id": "dummy",
                "key": "dummy"
            "buckets": {
                "firefox": "mozilla-releng-firefox-nightly-bucket",
                "fennec": "mozilla-releng-mobile-nightly-bucket"
        "release": {
            "credentials": {
                "id": "dummy",
                "key": "dummy"
            "buckets": {
                "firefox": "mozilla-releng-firefox-release-bucket",
                "fennec": "mozilla-releng-mobile-release-bucket"
        "dep": {
            "credentials": {
                "id": "dummy",
                "key": "dummy"
            "buckets": {
                "firefox": "mozilla-releng-firefox-dep-bucket",
                "fennec": "mozilla-releng-mobile-dep-bucket"
> cat /app/beetmoverworker/work_dir/task.json
  "provisionerId": "test-dummy-provisioner",
  "workerType": "dummy-worker-jlund",
  "schedulerId": "-",
  "taskGroupId": "YkE_OQjoTj2G92P4A4Cy1A",
  "dependencies": [
  "requires": "all-completed",
  "routes": [],
  "priority": "normal",
  "retries": 5,
  "created": "2017-01-08T17:06:07.800Z",
  "deadline": "2017-01-08T18:06:07.800Z",
  "expires": "2017-08-31T23:20:18.165Z",
  "scopes": [
  "payload": {
    "maxRunTime": 600,
    "upload_date": 1483465253,
    "upstreamArtifacts": [
        "paths": [
        "taskId": "M4hnMSqcS4itJWC-IwsmXg",
        "taskType": "build",
        "locale": "en-US"
  "metadata": {
    "owner": "jlund@mozilla.com",
    "source": "https://tools.taskcluster.net/task-creator/",
    "name": "beetmover fake task",
    "description": ""
  "tags": {},
  "extra": {}

setup py3 venv

mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/local/bin/python3 beetmoverscript
# so you can develop on scriptworker itself as you go,
# checkout scriptworker locally and install that custom repo in your venv
git clone https://github.com/mozilla-releng/scriptworker.git
cd scriptworker
python setup.py develop
# only after first installing your own scriptworker module, install the rest of beetmoverscript's deps
cd /app/beetmoverworker/beetmoverscript
python setup.py develop


without scriptworker

workon beetmoverscript  # activate venv
cd /app/beetmoverworker
beetmoverscript beetmoverscript/script_config.json  # uses w/e is in work_dir/task.json

with scriptworker (via task-creator in taskcluster tools)

start scriptworker

workon beetmoverscript  # activate venv
scriptworker /app/beetmoverworker/worker_config.json

create task via that uses same provisioner/worker-type that your scriptworker clientid and config expects:

see https://tools.taskcluster.net/task-creator/ and example here: https://queue.taskcluster.net/v1/task/S-lth0jTThKBjmpt386kUA


to run tests (py.test and coverage), use tox (see tox.ini for configuration)