Generate environment.yml from pyproject.toml

pip install beni==0.3.0



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Common names: Bolivian anaconda, Beni anaconda

Eunectes beniensis is a non-venomous boa species known only from the northeastern parts of Bolivia.

The four-metre long Eunectes beniensis was initially believed to be the result of hybridization between green and yellow anacondas, but was later determined to be a distinct species. The taxonomic status is not clear, due to lack of information and the appearance similarity to Eunectes notaeus. It is closely related to Eunectes notaeus and Eunectes deschauenseei.

It's a light anaconda! So a mashup of flit and conda.


This is a specific tool to fascilitate one workflow of using flit and conda together. The assumptions are:

  1. You have a repository with at least one Python package
  2. You use flit and pyproject.toml to describe your dependencies
  3. You want to use Conda to manage local development but you wanna release your package on PyPi.
  4. You want to generate an environment.yml for local development that will install as many of your Pypi dependencies through Conda as possible.

Without this tool you have to manually keep your environment.yml up to date with all your pyproject.toml files, which is error prone and annoying!

Unsolved issues

  1. What if the conda forge name is different than the pypi name? We should keep a list of these mappings.
  2. How do we use the pyproject.toml to automatically generate a conda forge recipe?
  3. In the future could conda just read from the pyproject.toml file in some way to create an environment out of it?


  1. pip install beni
  2. Run beni <path to pyproject.toml> [<another path to pyproject.tmo>] > binder/environment.yml to generate an environment file. It adds all your requirements that are conda forge packages to this environment and names it after the first pyproject.toml module. each of your requirements to see if there is an equivalent conda forge package
  3. Add conda env create -f bind/environment.yml && conda activate <module name> && flit install --symlink to your README as the dev setup.


$ beni -h
usage: beni [-h] [--ignore [foo [bar ...]]]
            pyproject.toml [pyproject.toml ...]

Generate an environment.yml.

positional arguments:
  pyproject.toml        flit config files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --ignore [foo [bar ...]]
                        Conda packages to ignore

$ cat pyproject.toml
requires = [
requires-python = ">=3.7"
test = [
doc = [
dev = [

$ beni pyproject.toml
name: metadsl
  - conda-forge
  - python>=3.7
  - pip
  - pip:
    - flit
  - typing_extensions
  - typing_inspect
  - python-igraph=0.8.0
  - pytest
  - pytest-cov
  - pytest-mypy
  - pytest-randomly
  - pytest-xdist
  - pytest-testmon
  - pytest-pudb
  - mypy
  - jupyterlab>=1.0.0
  - nbconvert
  - pudb


conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate beni
flit install --symlink