BONSAI living model for European electricity via ENTSO-E API

auxillary, entso
pip install bentso==0.4



A library to process ENTSO-E electricity data for use in industrial ecology and life cycle assessment. Developed as part of the BONSAI network.

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See the documentation for more.

Example living life cycle inventory model

Living life cycle inventory models can:

  • Automatically update themselves
  • Provide results on multiple spatial scales
  • Provide results on multiple time scales

This particular model is quite simple - we will gather the necessary data from the ENTSO-E API, and return it in the specified RDF format. The model should support the following capabilities:

  • Be able to specify what kind of input parameters it accepts
  • Validate inputs and return sensible error messages
  • Cache data to avoid unncessary ENTSO-E API calls
  • Function both as a command-line utility and a normal Python library

Inputs can be a list of countries (default is all countries in ENTSO-E), and a time period (default is a given year - maybe 2018?).

This model should also follow the BONSAI Python library skeleton.