Better timers for pygame

pip install better-timers-gudninatan==0.0.3



Better timers for pygame with demo

For in-depth explanation (in Icelandic) see:

Quick start

Start by downloading the package!

$ pip install pygame
$ pip install better_timers-gudninatan

Import timer manager

from better_timers import timers


Create a new timer manager

from better_timers import BetterTimers
timers = BetterTimers()

Add new timers that will automatically go to the event queue repeatedly, every N milliseconds using this format.
timers.set_timer(event, ms, *delay_ms)
You can pass in both the regular USEREVENT types or create your own pygame.event.Event with any custom args and kwargs for unlimited possibilities. Override already established timers easily, or delete them entirely by passing in a rate of 0 or less.

genericEvent = USEREVENT + 1
randomEvent = USEREVENT + 2

coolEvent = pygame.event.Event(genericEvent, code="cool")
uncoolEvent = pygame.event.Event(genericEvent, code="uncool")

timers.set_timer(coolEvent, 500) # Sets a timer for 500 milliseconds
timers.set_timer(coolEvent, 2000, 300) # Overrides old 500 rate timer, with delay

timers.set_timer(uncoolEvent, 1000) # New genericEvent timer with a different code

timers.set_timer(randomEvent, 5000) # Traditional timer set with USEREVENT
timers.set_timer(randomEvent, 0) # Timer stopped

You will recieve these events in the pygame event queue just as you would expect.

while True:
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event == coolEvent:
            print("How cool!")

All timers will be stopped upon calling pygame.quit(). You can also stop all the timers with this neat shortcut:



better_timers is compatible with both python 2 & 3.


better_timers is dependant on pygame.