A simple API wrapper for written in Python.

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pip install



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A simple API wrapper for written in Python.


Install via pip (recommended)

pip install


  • POST server count
  • AUTOMATIC server count updating
  • GET bot info
  • GET global bot list
  • GET bot list for a specific user
  • GET widgets url
  • SEARCH for bots

Example Rewrite cog

    import bfd
    import discord
    from discord.ext import commands

    class BotsForDiscord:
        def __init__(self, bot):
   = bot
            self.token = 'token'  # set this to your BFD token
            self.bfd = bfd.Client(, self.token)  # Create a Client instance
            self.bfd.start_loop()  # Posts the server count every 30 minutes

        async def botinfo(self, ctx, bot: discord.User): # unfiltered botinfo demo
            info = await self.bfd.get_bot(
            if info is None:
                await ctx.send("Can't find this bot on BFD")

            embed = discord.Embed(title="BotInfo")
            for key, value in info.as_dict().items():
                if key == "" or value == "":

                embed.add_field(name=key, value=str(value))

            await ctx.send(embed=embed)

    def setup(bot):

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