A cross-platform build file generator

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pip install bfg9000==0.2.0


bfg9000 - build file generator

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bfg9000 is a cross-platform build configuration system with an emphasis on making it easy to define how to build your software. It converts a Python-based build script into the appropriate files for your underlying build system of choice (Ninja, Make, or MSBuild).

Why bfg9000?

Familiar syntax

build.bfg files are just Python scripts with some new functions added, so you may already know how to write them; and when your build gets complicated, you can rely on the existing Python ecosystem to get you out of trouble.

Fast builds

bfg9000 ensures your builds are fast by relying on existing, mature build systems like Make and Ninja to do the heavy lifting of building your software; often, incremental builds don't need to execute bfg9000 at all!

Stay sane

Building your code shouldn't be the hard part of developing your project. Above all else, bfg9000 strives to help you get your build right the first time with many helpful features.

A brief example

You can't get much simpler than the simplest build.bfg file:

executable('simple', files=['simple.cpp'])

To build this executable, we need to create the actual build files and then run them:

$ cd /path/to/src/
$ 9k build/
$ cd build/
$ ninja

From there, you can run your newly-created executable: ./simple. Hooray!

For further examples, please see the examples/ subdirectory.


bfg9000 uses setuptools, so installation is much the same as any other Python package:

$ pip install bfg9000

From there, you can start using bfg to build your software! (If you're using Ubuntu, you can also install bfg9000 from the following PPA: ppa:jimporter/stable). For more information about how to install bfg9000, see the documentation.


This project is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license.