Python based ABCI Server for Tendermint

blockchain, tendermint, abci
pip install bigchaindb-abci==1.0.7


Build blockchain applications in Python for Tendermint


Supports: ABCI v0.16.0 and Tendermint v0.31.5


Requires Python >= 3.6.5

pip --user install bigchaindb-abci OR python install

Generating Protobuf

You ONLY need to mess with the protobuf stuff if you're developing on this code base, not to create apps. If you just want to create apps, jump to Getting Started

A note on protobuf. You'll notice 2 additional directories: github and protobuf. The github dir is the protobuf generated code used by abci. It adds proper Python path (via __init___) and preserves all the import statements used by Tendermint for the various protobuf files spread across their codebase. The protobuf directory is the source .proto files.

To build the protobuf files:

  1. Install protoc so it's available as a command from a terminal
  2. Run the script

Getting Started

  1. Extend the BaseApplication class
  2. Implement the Tendermint ABCI callbacks - see
  3. Run it

See the example app application under the examples directory here: